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The association "Indian Music Association Switzerland" is an association according Art. 60 ff. ZGB with its seat in Zurich. The association is religiously neutral and aims to promote Indian music in Switzerland. With the organization and implementation of concerts, concert series, dance performances and offers for music lessons, the association supports artists who are devoted to classical Indian music.

The association was founded in 2020 by Hans Wettstein, Tanja Polli and Amit Sharma. Hans Wettstein studied Indian classical music in India and has been involved with Indian music for over 30 years. Tanja Polli has been active in various areas of culture for many years and Amit Sharma is a musician from an Indian family of musicians and has lived in Switzerland for over ten years.


Hans Wettstein (President)

Hans Wettstein studied Indian classical music for 12 years. He received his basic training on the sitar in the traditional style from Dr. Ram Chakravarty, professor at Benares Hindu University. In 1991 he also began studying Indian classical singing and musicology with Dr. Ritwik Sanyal. Since then he has been active as a mediator of Indian musical culture, has organized numerous concerts and teaches Indian music.

Tanja Polli (Vice President)

is a yoga teacher, journalist and cultural organizer. She is committed to various cultural projects, including organizing cultural trips to Kosovo and curating a series of documentaries in the Coalmine in Winterthur.

Amit Sharma (Actuary)

The Dhrupad singer Amit Sharma comes from a traditional family of musicians in India and learned dhrupad singing from his grandfather Kanheya Lal Bandhavi, from Ustad Zia Faridduddin Dagar and from the famous Gundecha Brothers in Bhopal (India). Amit Sharma is a sought-after singer in both India and Europe. Amit has lived in Zurich since 2010, where he teaches Indian Dhrupad singing, and he also works as a class assistant at a Zurich school.


The non-profit association is dependent on support. We thank the partners and renowned institutions for their generous support: Yoga Tössfeld, Winterthur Insight Reisen, Zurich

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Aktuelle Projekte

Projekt: Shanti Bhava Trio

Konzertserie mit dem Trio Shanti Bhava bestehend aus Amit Sharma (Gesang), Hans Wettstein (Surbahar) und Chidambaram Narayan (Mridangam). 

Shanti Bhava Trio

Projekt: Sitar+DokFilm Indien

Ein Sitarkonzert mit Hans Wettstein wird kombiniert mit einem Dokumentarfilm über ein interessantes Thema. Die Schweiz-Indische Flimemacherin Chitra-Lekha Sarkar zeigt Ihren Film "Indian Queens" (1998/28 Min.) über die verbotenen Welt der Homosexualität von Mumbai.

Indian Queens von Chitra-Lekha Sarkar

Bereits realisierte projekte

Konzert, Manish Vyas, 03.03.19, Winterthur

Konzert, Yogaflow, 30.03.19, Winterthur

Konzert, Manish Vyas, 13.12.19, Winterthur

Konzert, Rudra Shiva Trio, 20.06.20, Winterthur

Konzert, Rudra Shiva Trio, 19.07.20, Winterthur

Konzert, Shanti Bhava Trio, 13.09.20, Winterthur

Konzert, Hans Wettstein, 14.11.20, Zürich


Hans Wettstein

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