Surbahar and Rudra Veena

The Rudra Shiva Trio plays Tantri Nad, Indian classical instrumental music in Dhrupad style on old Indian stringed instruments that are rarely heard and seen, even in India. Let the spherical sounds slide you into another dimension and enjoy a sound massage at its finest.


Hans Wettstein (Surbahar)

has dedicated his musical talent to sitar. He studied Indian music with well-known masters for twelve years in Varanasi, India. On the Surbahar he plays the slow Dhrupad singing style, which he learned from his teacher Dr. Ritwik Sanyal has learned over many years.

A Surbahar is a kind of bass sitar that you rarely hear in India. “Sur” means sound and “Bahar” means spring, Surbahar could be described as the fine “sound of spring”. While improvisation is performed with great virtuosity on the sitar, slow melody decorations come into their own on the surbahar.


Heikel Ben Mlouka (Rudra Vina)

Heikel grew up in Tunisia and France and in India learned the classic Dhrupad style from the well-known Dhrupad singers Ramakant and Umakant Gundecha. Heikel is also an accomplished instrument maker and deals with the construction and modification of old Indian Rudra Vinas.

The Rudra Vina is the oldest Indian stringed instrument in India, in Indian mythology the instrument was created by Shiva (also called Rudra) himself in honor of his wife Parvati. Saraswati, the goddess of learning, is also always represented with a vina. The instrument is played by very few musicians in India. There has been a revival in recent years and some younger musicians are learning the forgotten instrument of Shiva again.


Nirmal Güntert (Tabla)


accompanies the Surbahar and the Rudra Vina on the Tabla, the pair of drums from North India. He plays rhythm cycles from the Dhurpad tradition. Nirmal grew up in India and, as an all-round musician, plays various instruments such as guitar, bass, sarod and percussion.

Rudra Shiva Trio

Rudra Shiva Trio

Das Rudra Shiva Trio spielt Tantri Nad, klassische indische Instrumentalmusik im Dhrupad-Stil auf alten indischen Saiteninstrumenten, die nur selten zu hören und sehen sind, selbst in Indien. Lassen Sie sich durch die sphärischen Klänge in eine andere Dimension entführen.

Hans Wettstein - Surbahar

Heikel Ben Mlouka - Rudra Vina

Nirmal Güntert - Tabla

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